Saturday, April 4, 2009

General Conference

Today is General Conference and I took a lot of notes. I watched all of it starting with Robert D. Hales. My favorite story was from Henry B. Eyring. It was the story of an old man who was in much pain and President Eyring went to his house every so often to comfort him but it was President Eyring who was comforted. Then one day President Eyring looked out his window and saw the old man pulling President Eyring's trash can in one hand balancing himself with the other hand up the hill.President Eyring said that the old man thought that President Eyring was who needed help but it was really the other way around and that the old man needed help.One day the old man was in the hospital bed with nurses and doctors caring for him. He was laying in the bed in pain and smiling. A couple days later President Eyring got a phone call saying the old man had passed away. That was my favorite story of the morning session.


Jocelyn said...

You are so awesome for paying attention and really listening to the talks. I love you Maddie.

Jana said...

MADDIE!!! I didn't even know you had a blog. You are such an amazing little girl. I can't believe how grown up you are getting!! That is so good of you for paying attention to conference and really learning fro it. I hope all my kids are as good as you. Luckily they will have a pretty amazing cousin showing them how to be!! Love you!!!!