Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Aquarium

On Wednesday The Glenn's and my family went to the Aquarium. It was the Living Planet Aquarium. It was really neat and we got to touch stingrays. By the way their stinger was cut off if (just telling you if you were stressing out about getting stung).We also got to touch non pokey sea urchins, starfish, crab, and we got to stick our hands in water that had shrimp in it. The shrimp attached to your hand and ate the dead skin off your hand. They also got rid of Hyatt's (Sister Glenn's kid that's my age) blister.We also got to see a tree snake devour a tiny dead mouse.Well, only the kids did because my mom probably would've fainted (or something like that) and Sister Glenn probably would have totally grossed out (like almost all adult girls). The Living Planet Aquarium is also getting penguins if they can raise $375,000. Well, good luck with that Living Planet Aquarium (they're going to need it).You should totally visit the Living Planet Aquarium.It's fun for kids and adults of all ages (except for the devouring snake part).

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Jill said...

pretty funny Maddie! I don't think I would have fainted either!