Thursday, February 14, 2008

I had an awesome Valentine's Day!!! I have had a fun time today. At my school party we played a memory game and I won! We played another memory game too. I made the biggest box there. But I didn't win a prize. We got to eat doughnuts for a snack also. I love Valentine's Day!(:


Jocelyn said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Mads! We are celebrating today since yesterday Ben had work and school all day long. Plus it's his birthday and all so we did his birthday (he's getting really old!) last night and Valentine's tonight! Valentine's Day really is the most fun when you're in school... I'm glad you had a great day! I love your box... and I love you even more!

shannon said...

hey mads, i saw your blog on your moms! i think it's so cool that you have your own blog. i liked your message about the prophet.