Sunday, January 27, 2008

My prophet...Gordon B. Hinkley

President Gordon B. Hinkley just died today. I think it was a good day for him to die today because it is a sunday. It was the first stake confrence of the year. He was a great prophet. I think he is the best yet. I loved Gordon B. Hinkley. Because of President Hinkley,I wanted to be a better person. Every night when I say my prayers I say I'm thankful for the prophet President Hinkley...I will miss him.

p.s.this was my first post!!! (:


Jocelyn said...

What a great post, Maddie. I love President Hinckley and will miss him, too. He was such a great man. I know he is happy to be back with his wife. He was such an awesome example to all of us with the wonderful life he lived.

Jessica F. said...

Maddie....great post. You are growing up so fast!